Patreon Update: March 2017

Welcome to my Patreon Update for March 2017. This is the monthly report for my Patreon campaign and how it's performing, as well as my chance to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Let's get started with last month's earnings. Below you can see my transparency report regarding all the pledges that were received and processed for February.

February 2017 Earnings

While there was a slight drop in overall earnings since last time, February was still an amazing month for my Patreon campaign. Take a look at the numbers:

  • Pledged: $3,650.00
  • Service Fees: $421.97
  • Processed: $3,228.03

Pledge amounts shown for the current month are not final.


The beginning of a new year is always a rough time for content creators, and it's no different for those with a Patreon campaign. While a month-to-month decrease after the holidays is perfectly normal, I am still very pleased with how well my campaign continues to perform. Bringing in just over $3,200 after fees, I can proudly say that Patreon consistently generates more income than I receive on YouTube. Factor in how that compares to traditional advertising revenue and you will quickly realize how truly significant Patreon is as a platform.

So, what's been going on since last month? Quite a lot, actually.

March 3rd saw the release of the 100th patrons-only vlog, which can be viewed here. While I didn't put together a montage like I normally would, I did manage to do something even better. Alongside the vlog's release, I debuted an entirely new website — one that is solely dedicated to my Patreon campaign and all the content it currently offers. From the exclusive vlogs to the all-new Patrons Showcase, I think patrons will like what they see.

Creating the website also makes discovering my content much easier than it previously was. Rather than having to rely on, patrons can now freely look around on the new website and find anything that grabs their interest. This is especially useful with the Exclusive Vlogs page, which is conveniently broken down by year of release. Easy, right?

This new website is something I am very proud of. The idea is simple, but I believe the execution could be huge. It's going to be interesting to see what kind of impact it has on my campaign's performance. And of course, this is only the beginning. I am looking forward to rolling out new content and features over time.

$25+ Pledge Promotions

Every month I promote websites and/or services ran by those who are kind enough to pledge within the $25+ tier. Please take a moment to review anything below that you may find interesting:

SeekWiz | A Location Sharing Platform

Callum Coyne's Instagram

Two Lakes Design | Web Development & Design

Joel Shaw: Web Developer | Graphic Designer

Michael Eng's YouTube Channel

Dela Cruz Family of 4 | YouTube


Monthly $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

For this month's $25 Amazon gift card giveaway, I would like to congratulate Saurabh for winning March's drawing! You'll be hearing from me shortly.


That's it! Another Patreon Update is in the books. Please know that your support is always appreciated. It never goes unnoticed!