Patreon Update: June 2017

Welcome to my Patreon Update for June 2017. This is the monthly report for my Patreon campaign and how it's performing, as well as my chance to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Let's get started with last month's earnings. Below you can see my transparency report regarding all the pledges that were received and processed for May.

May 2017 Earnings

Continuing with last month's trend, numbers are slightly down — but not by much. This is perfectly normal for mid-year earnings. As usual, below are specifics:

  • Pledged: $3,437.00
  • Service Fees: $394.24
  • Processed: $3,042.76
Pledge amounts shown for the current month are not final.

Pledge amounts shown for the current month are not final.


I think it's only appropriate to start things off by congratulating Patreon on their redesign. As you may have noticed, has recently undergone some significant changes — with not only some improvements to the design of their website, but their branding overall. They've introduced some interesting new features that could prove to be quite beneficial for creators and patrons alike. You can read all the details on Patreon's blog.

Focusing on my Patreon campaign specifically, how are things going? To put simply, everything seems to be on track. Earnings are consistently higher than this time last year, exclusive content continues to be delivered weekly, and patrons overall seem happy. And come on, if my patrons are happy, then I'm happy. It means I'm doing something right.

Summer is typically a slow time of the year for my Patreon campaign, but that doesn't mean the perks have to stop. Similar to what I did last year, I am excited to announce that my upcoming "Seaside Heights 2017" series will be available to $5+ patrons first — at least a few days before it goes live to the public. Early access to content is something that seems to work well in everyone's favor, so I am looking to explore this more frequently.

And finally, I have to give a big shout-out to those who joined this month's Google Hangout. We had a great time talking about all sorts of things. The stream didn't wrap up until 7 AM the next day. But then again, isn't that how it always goes? To view all past Hangouts, simply click here.

$25+ Pledge Promotions

Every month I promote websites and/or services ran by those who are kind enough to pledge within the $25+ tier. Please take a moment to review anything below that you may find interesting:

Michael Eng's YouTube Channel

Joel Shaw: Web Developer | Graphic Designer

Monthly $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

For this month's $25 Amazon gift card giveaway, I would like to congratulate Valine Schoonmaker for winning June's drawing! You'll be hearing from me shortly.


As we enter the months of summer, I'm interested in exploring new content opportunities. If you have any ideas, please feel free to make suggestions in the comments below. But until then, my Patreon campaign will continue as-is. You make all this possible, so thank you for being you!