Patreon Update: July 2018

Welcome to my Patreon Update for July 2018! This is the monthly report for my Patreon campaign and how it's been performing, as well as my chance to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Let's get started with last month's earnings. Below you can see my transparency report regarding all the pledges that were received and processed for June.

June 2018 Earnings

As usual, I like to include a breakdown of my monthly stats. Check out last month's numbers:

  • Pledged: $2,983.00
  • Service Fees: $351.05
  • Processed: $2,631.95
Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 3.58.50 PM.png


Would you look at that! My month-to-month earnings are once again on the rise. That's great news, especially considering a big life event that I may have on the horizon. Patrons, if you've been watching the exclusive vlogs, you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those out of the loop, let's just say this... Your support means more now than ever.

Hey, did you know my family's annual Seaside Heights trip is just days away? Just like in previous years, patrons get first access to all three parts! But that's not it. For the first time ever, I will be dedicating an entire day of recording to patrons only. This will be in place of the weekly exclusive vlog.

If you are not yet a patron and you're interested in seeing exclusive Seaside Heights footage, you can sign up here. All $5+ patrons apply! Your support is appreciated.

$25+ Pledge Promotions

Every month I promote websites and/or services ran by those who are kind enough to pledge within the $25+ tier. Please take a moment to review anything below that you may find interesting:

Michael Eng | YouTube

Logan | Twitch


I've got some exciting things in the works, and I can't wait to show everyone. But first, let's enjoy Seaside Heights and the exclusivity that comes along with it.

Enjoy the rest of your July, everyone! You are truly making a difference in supporting my content.