Patron Testimonials

The following are testimonials that have been submitted by actual patrons. Click here to submit your own!

I have been a patron for a few months now and I just upped my pledge from $5 to $10 a month, as I feel that it is well worth the money. David’s vlogs are very entertaining and I look forward to watching them every Friday, along with all of his other content that he publishes.
— David
Love watching David’s videos. He inspired me to be more creative. Since I’ve pledged $10, my website has grown since then... Staying productive! Thank you, David. Two thumbs up.
— Vonda
I found your content 3 years ago. Glad I became a patron. Your content is always of the highest quality and very entertaining. Best vlogger in my opinion.
— Cameron
I love the fact that David talks to all of us viewers as if we are right there, hanging out with him. He is probably one of the ‘realest’ content creators that I watch and his positive approach to life is contagious.
— Amber
David Di Franco is the only content creator I have actively pledged support for every month for over a year. His consistent output of vlogs and product reviews shows his dedication to, and proficiency of, his work.
— Patrick
David’s weekly content is always top notch, entertaining and well-edited.
— Shaun
One of the main reasons I’ve become a patron is not only for the exclusive vlogs, but a chance to support you for the hard work you put into your content. Patrons vlogs are just epic and awesome, and I really enjoy them. Thank you, David!
— Markus
Everything that David Di Franco does inspires all his followers and supporters. Because of Patreon, I can call him a friend. It’s given me and so many the opportunity to talk to him more and know him personally. We have a community now more than ever because of this Patreon campaign. It has helped him grow as a content creator in ways we didn’t even imagine.
— Michael
I found David’s content by accident and now, I’m hooked! I really like his New York and Christmas series. I enjoy the way he interacts with his viewers and the community we have built up as a result of watching David’s vlogs. I’m not a tech geek at all, but I love his family interaction and his passion for what he does. That’s why I support him as a patron.
— Amy, UK
I’ve been a patron since June 2014, and I can tell you that it is money well spent for me, because I believe in David and his ability to create wonderful content. I’ve been very happy with his Patreon campaign thus far, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for it. Just a little FYI: I pledge to David just to support David, and NOT for the exclusive content.
— Eli, Brooklyn, NY
I signed up for the Christmas vlogs in 2015 and stayed. The vlogs give you something to look forward to when getting home from work on a Friday evening. The longer the vlog, the better. Love watching Dave and his awesome family. Keep it up, David. And thank you for making me smile.
— Chris
Love watching David’s videos every week! His vlogs are awesome. You can tell he really loves what he does and truly cares about his supporters. Becoming a patron is so worth it.
— Kristin
Not only is David an informative, passionate tech enthusiast and geek culture advocate, he has an amazing family dynamic. The unique combination of technology vlogger and devoted family man is what has kept me watching David’s content for over 10 years.
— Maria
I originally contributed to the Mac Pro campaign. When David announced the Patreon campaign, I figured I might as well contribute to that, too. The content has remained consistent and has a regular schedule. And to top that off, the funds from Patreon enable the purchase of better equipment, which leads to better quality videos.
— Jonathan
David is one of the best YouTubers I have ever subscribed to! Not only is he one of the biggest Apple enthusiasts I know (which is perhaps what inspired me to switch to a Mac a few years ago), but he is quite the family man and is very upfront, honest, and funny. Thank you for all the awesome free content and now the bonus content you provide here!
— Dan
David is the only content creator that I have ever supported on Patreon. I feel as though he is the only creator that I have watched, that deserves that support. David is hands down the most gracious YouTuber I subscribe to. I have watched his content for over 8 years and don’t see myself stopping any time soon! Keep up the great work, David!
— Collin
I’ve been watching David since before 2010 and I absolutely love his content. From vlogs and tech reviews to unboxings, his content has a unique style and makes you feel like you are old friends. When David created the Patreon campaign, I knew I had to sign up to support my favorite YouTuber. Keep up the good work, David. I look forward to seeing what new content you will create next!
— Alicia
I began following David for 3 reasons. One: I love his honesty (agree or disagree). Two: His positive attitude is definitely to be admired. Three: His enthusiasm for EVERYTHING he gets and shares is the perfect example of being grateful. I can count the patrons I support on one hand and all fingers aren’t used, so yes, he totally deserves my $10 pledge. Once I get my own project up and going, I will gladly up it to $25. He’s an example of what vlogging should be.
— Tiff
I love to see David’s loving family and humor to spark people’s spirits. David is optimistic, open-minded and gives great advice about being positive in doing what you love. His vlogs are very unique and creative. Good job, David.
— Caleb
Back in 2015, I was searching for Apple Watch reviews on YouTube. Not knowing who he was, I came across one of David’s vlogs from his family’s camping weekend. I enjoyed it, and have been watching them ever since. I even became a patron in 2016.
— Bryan